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  • Explore First Niagara Benefits Exchange

    Our private health exchange is much more than a defined contribution approach to employee benefits

    If you have any questions or need more information, please send us an email.

    First Niagara Benefits Exchange delivers innovative, user-friendly technology, an array of carriers and plan options, plus personalized support to streamline your business’ administrative duties and reduce health care costs. Our private health exchange is an option for employers with more than 100 employees.

  • Reasons to use First Niagara Benefits Exchange

    Reduce your costs:

    Reduce your overall health care spend by using First Niagara Benefits Exchange to achieve your long-term employee benefits objectives:

    • Introduce more choices, personal accountability, drive greater consumerism, and reduce overinsuring
    • Focus on the elements that directly impact your benefit plan’s performance: improved care delivery, optimal network contracting, and employee engagement and satisfaction

    Simplify your benefit plan administration:

    Leverage our extensive experience in building and administering flexible contribution models and private exchanges to customize the best solution for your organization.

    • Utilize our team of in-house experts to shorten implementation times, establish carrier connectivity, and deliver seamless open enrollments
    • Leverage our industry-leading exchange platform to simplify year-round events/enrollments, comply with ACA requirements, and generate custom reports

    Empower your employees:

    Give your employees the power with HR@hand's® decision support tool, annual premium forecasting and plan comparisons.

    • From office visits, specialty and ER visits to hospital stays, your employees can forecast their yearly health care needs and estimate their out-of-pocket costs
    • Before choosing a health plan, your employees can speak with one of our fully licensed call center professionals to help them choose the best complement of benefits options for themselves and their family
    45% of employers plan to consider or will be using a private exchange for their employees before 2018.
    PEEC Private Exchange Employer Survey Findings
    December 2013
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    Emerging Health Insurance Exchange Models:
    The Intersection of Public and Private Exchanges

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    Top 10 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Private or Public Exchange Solution

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    85% of employers surveyed are interested in exploring private exchanges.
    Alegeus Technologies Research
    August 2013

    How does First Niagara Benefits Exchange work?

    1. As the employer, you determine the type of funding arrangement, then choose the appropriate carrier partner from our robust offering. After developing a contribution strategy that works for your company, we help you select a family of products to offer employees.
    2. Your employees enroll in coverage online through the First Niagara Benefits Exchange by utilizing an array of decision support tools to select the benefits that work best for their particular situation.
    3. First Niagara Benefits Exchange sends your employees’ benefit choices to the selected insurance carrier and feeds employee payroll deduction information to your payroll vendor. The selected carrier will then issue an employee health insurance policy, ID card and information directly to the employee.
    4. The First Niagara Benefits Exchange will also send you a record of your employees' benefit selections. You will collect any premium deficit owed by the employee through pre-tax payroll contributions.

    Get Started

    If you want to optimize your current contribution strategy or are considering exploring this type of solution, our experienced consultants can help you navigate your choices. Call us at 1-855-265-3615 or send us an email.

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