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  • To you, good isn't good enough. You have GREAT things you want to accomplish, and we can help make it easier to do the things most important to you. At First Niagara we not only work here, we live here and give here, too. Start great plans. Launch great ideas. Spark great minds. Be great neighbors. Let's do great things together!

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    Be Great Neighbors

    It's about community. People passionate about their community make life better for everyone. You have great ideas, great ambition and great causes right where you call home. At First Niagara, we get that. Because we live and work here, too. Getting involved means you simply won't settle for good. Do Great Things.

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    Share Great Laughs

    Big Brothers Big Sisters Southeastern Pennsylvania is taking an active role in helping local children reach their full potential with one-on-one mentoring. That’s why we’re a proud sponsor – it’s something we take seriously. It really can be the start of something big. Do Great Things.

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    [Image] DGT Culture - Buffalo

    Fuel Great Culture

    It's about community. You can tell how vibrant a region is from its arts and culture. This year in Rochester, it just got better. We're proud to be the title sponsor of the inaugural Rochester Fringe Festival, which brought 180 multidisciplinary performances to town in September. Let's hear it for the folks on the Fringe-we're proud to help them Do Great Things.

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    [Image] DGT Culture - Rochester

    Rebuild Great Neighborhoods

    It's more than 'Urban Development.' Breathing even more life into the that's worth striving for. Larkinville is a perfect example of great ideas put into action. We are proud to be a resident of Larkinville, continuing to support investment in this neighborhood and all of the neighborhoods we serve. Do Great Things.

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    Spark Great Minds

    Education? We Say Yes! With extended day programs aimed at raising overall academic achievement, Say Yes To Education is helping get the job done. Their Scholarship Endowment Fund is allowing students in Central New York additional opportunities for academic attainment—free of charge—with continued results. We are proud to support Say Yes and its programs’ continued expansion with the Syracuse City School District. Say Yes To Education. Do Great Things.

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    [Image] DGT Times

    Rock Great Times

    This place heats up. Fast. In Western Pennsylvania, the First Niagara Pavilion is one of the premier venues to see the best performances of the summer. Up close and personal with your favorite artists. The rockers, the classics, country superstars and current pop idols. The energy of our community pulses through every note. Do Great Things.

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    Build Great Foundations

    They have a vision. That everyone deserves a decent place to live. Habitat for Humanity Capital District has been helping fulfill that vision since 1976. This not-for-profit builds homes using volunteer labor, marketing them at cost. With youth programs, green building initiatives, campus chapters and more, Habitat is locally focused with global reach. That’s why we are a proud sponsor. Our employees even show up to break a sweat. Do Great Things.

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    David Lanzillo

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