• Overdraft Protection Options

    Be prepared for the unexpected

  • Credit Card Overdraft Protection

    If you are considering opening a new checking account, enjoy the benefits of overdraft protection by applying for a First Niagara credit card. When approved, you can request that your credit card be linked to your checking account.

    If you overdraw your checking account with the overdraft protection in place, funds to cover the transaction (rounded to the nearest dollar) will automatically be transferred from your credit card.

    We have a range of card options to fit your lifestyle, including a suite of rewards cards and cards with balance transfer options.

    If you already have a First Niagara checking account and credit card, stop by the nearest branch to have one of our team members link your accounts for overdraft protection today.

  • Overdraft Line of Credit

    Get added peace of mind when you are approved for an Overdraft Line of Credit as an option on your checking account. Request an amount from $1,000 to $10,000.

    Then, if you ever overdraw your checking account, you will avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience of a returned check or declined debit card transaction.  Instead, we will transfer funds from your Overdraft Line of Credit to cover your checking account in increments of $100 then send you a combined monthly statement so your transfers are easy to track.

    To begin taking advantage of our Overdraft Line of Credit, simply submit an application and find out if you meet eligibility requirements. Fees will apply upon use of the overdraft line of credit.

    Contact us to set up an Overdraft Line of Credit

  • Overdraft Sweep

    If you already have a savings or Money Market Deposit account with us, you can choose to link it to your checking account. Then, in case you overdraw your checking account, we will simply transfer the overdrawn amount. Even better, there are no interest charges.

    To begin taking advantage of Overdraft Sweep, find out if you are eligible. Fees may apply.

    Contact us to link your savings or Money Market account to your checking account

  • Overdraft Consent for ATM and Debit Card Transactions

    With your consent, the bank may choose to authorize and pay (at our discretion) overdrafts on your checking account from ATM withdrawals and transfers, as well as one-time debit card transactions.

    Full details and associated fees

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