• Global Trade: Foreign Letters of Credit and Collections

  • You can’t go global without trust. We’re here to help you establish trust and reduce risks in global trade with commercial letters of credit and documentary collections solutions.

    Export letters of credit1
    No matter how different, we know the details. Open new market opportunities by ensuring payment for your products or services. With our attentive service and rapid transaction processing, we’re here to provide expert guidance to avoid the pitfalls inherent in letter of credit transactions and up-to-date information on new or unusual documentary requirements. 

    Import letters of credit1
    Yes, we can. Potentially save money, lower costs and enhance profitability with the ability to purchase goods and/or services from foreign suppliers. Reassure your overseas suppliers/vendors that they will be paid for the goods and services you purchase. 

    International standby letters of credit1
    Borders or differing laws should never be barriers to your bottom line. With variations of standby letters of credit, your need for a bank guarantee, bid bond, performance bond or warranty bond can be met with a standby letter of credit provided by our correspondent network and investment grade credit rating. 

    Documentary Collection Services
    There when you can’t be. Ship your goods securely with a low-cost alternative to letters of credit. Documentary Collection Services provide a high level of confidence in that the title documents will not be released to the buyer until payment or acknowledgement of the obligation to pay has been made to our foreign correspondents. 

  • Your business can benefit.
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1Credit approval required; additional terms and conditions apply.


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