• First Niagara Mentoring Matters

    Providing positive adult role models to young adults

  • Mentoring has a tremendous impact on the lives of young adults. Studies clearly show that mentoring provides significant and tangible changes in students, including better grades, improved school attendance, better behavior, and evidence of a brighter future. Every child deserves to have a positive adult role model in his or her life, and many First Niagara teammates have the privilege of serving as volunteer mentors, where their time, expertise and life experiences inspire the young adults.

    How Mentoring Makes a Difference

    [Image] Yolanda Day of Mentoring

    Statistics about mentoring provide strong justification for our efforts.

    Mentored children have:1

    • Better school attendance
    • An increased chance to move on to higher education
    • An improved attitude about education

    Mentoring helps prevent:1

    • Substance abuse
    • Negative behaviors

    Mentoring helps promote:1

    • Positive social attitudes and relationships
    • Trust and communication with parents

    Mentored students who meet frequently with a mentor are:2

    • 52 percent less likely to skip a day of school
    • 46 percent less likely to start using illegal drugs
    • 37 percent less likely to skip class
    • 27 percent less likely to begin drinking

    Applications for First Niagara’s mentoring grants are by invitation only. Partners are chosen based on an evaluation to determine which groups best meet our objectives and effectively serve our community’s youth. Our goal is to empower youth in our communities to succeed through alignment with community-based organization(s) that have outstanding, proven and effective mentoring programs.

  • 1Child Trends study, "Mentoring: A Promising Strategy for Youth Development"

    2Public/Private Ventures study of Big Brothers Big Sisters


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