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  • Community Contacts

    First Niagara regional coordinators in your area

  • If you have questions regarding Regional Community Grants or Regional Community Sponsorships, please contact the First Niagara Regional Coordinator in your area by utilizing the list below:

    Western New York Region

    Barbara Mathews, Regional Coordinator, Western New York
    Email Barbara

    Rochester New York Region

    Bridget Fontaine, Regional Coordinator, Rochester New York
    Email Bridget

    Central New York Region

    Beth Stoner, Regional Coordinator, Central New York
    Email Beth

    Eastern New York Region

    Susan Chase, Regional Coordinator, Eastern New York
    Email Susan

    New England Region

    Iris Velazquez, Regional Coordinator, New England
    Email Iris

    Western Pennsylvania Region

    Cecelia Marano, Regional Coordinator, Western Pennsylvania
    Email Cecelia

    Eastern Pennsylvania Region

    Diane McIntyre, Regional Coordinator, Eastern Pennsylvania
    Email Diane

    Tri-State Region

    Barbara Astarita, Regional Coordinator, Tri-State
    Email Barbara

    For general questions regarding the First Niagara Foundation, contact:

    Kris Kline, Foundation Administrator, First Niagara Foundation
    Email Kris


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